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Dear players,


After 3 weeks of hard work and dedication we're happy to present the latest update.

DrygonScape will load now 839 revision, for more information please see this in depth tab on what we've done - 


We understand that there may be bugs and issues to start with, but we're sure these won't stop you from enjoying the game and we will be hotfixing over the next 2 days.


If you're using the launcher make sure you tick update and if not download the...

Update - 21/09/2017

Tectonic now has its magic bonus
Fixed calamity store
Bone beads are now stackable.
Increased off-hand drygores strength bonus by +2
Fixed dominion  crossbow
Added Kalphite King kill tracker
Fixed silver feathers
Corrected Hydrix ID in slayer store & party demon chest
When joining calamity it will now force delete your inventory
Fixed master cape requirements
Added Kalphite king stats. Weakness is based on what style KK is using
based on the combat...

Added a beta world
Disabled bod teleporting for now
Fixed noxious items specials & abilities
Fixed seismic abilties
Fixed ascension bolt usage
Noxious longbow now uses range correctly
Fixed ascension crossbow dual ability
Fixed 1m, 1b & 2b tickets
Fixed some drop tables
Added 20 new wings to the override slot. Not obtainable yet.


-- Hotfixes

Fixed players online via website

Added off-hand drygores to Kalphite kings drop table


- Fixed Bolt issue from TOG
- Resolved Araxxor issues with combat and drops
- Resolved Cooking skilling issues
- Muted sound server-sided for now
- Fixed Drop Table NPC name and bones drop

We're going to go back to 742 until this is figured out so it doesn't affect your gameplay

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