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Added the ability to sheathe your weapon by clicking the sheathe button
below chat.
Rune dragons have had a combat script rework.
Added a confirmation when using ::empty if your inventory value is above
Reworked a large amount of item base values.
Well of Fortune has returned home.
Corrected the location that the enchanted gem teleports you to with a
bloodveld task.
Added Kuradal dungeon shortcuts.
Added some tweaks to how gemstone dragon's special attack is...

Dear players,


This coming weekend we will be hosting a series of benefits to the slayer skill. The event will start on the 25th and end on the 27th. The event is outlined below.


  • All slayer xp will be doubled. Based on the fact that weekends are already doubled, this does mean it will be 4x.
  • All slayer points will be doubled.
  • Double drops will be activated twice a day and each time will last 1 hour.
  • The chances of obtaining a combat pet will be...

Update 20/11/2017

Client has been updated to the latest version loading 887.

Introducing the combat pets. Attack, Range, Magic, Strength, Defence,
Constituion, Prayer & Summoning now all have pets. These pets can be
obtained by simply training their respective skills. The way the chances
of the pet are worked out is the following...

The higher the xp drop you get, the better chance you have of gaining
the pet, however any bonuses that boost your xp are excluded. This
includes xp...



On this Sunday 12th of november there will be held a Vorago mass. 

Time will be given on a later notice( on discord and forums).


Through out the day there will be Hide And Seek.

The hidden are Drygonscape's staff team and there are multiple prices to win!

-Drygonscape Staff team.


Dear players,


We have released client patch V2.



  • Resolved an issue where the cache would not fully download resulting in the cache constantly redownloading everytime you logged in.
  • Resolved an issue where DirectX would not show Textures correctly.
  • Fixed the cache download %.
  • Resolved an issue where the client would use more memory than required.


You can download the latest patch by restarting your launcher. If you have the old...

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