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Dear players,


The following updates are now live;


  • Fixed a bug where Ranael won't provide the letter.
  • Spamming a Strykewyrm mound will no longer change it'
  • DT gloves can now be purchased from the DT rewards.
  • Party demon boots stats have been reworked.
  • Changed the value of dragon ore & bar.
  • Corrected some Npc names.
  • Fixed a bug causing too many items to be consumed when making noxious.
  • Nechryael's now drop dragon boots.


Double drops are now active! This event will end tonight, so get online and make some bank!


Dear players,


The past few weeks have been personally stressful due to unfortunate circumstances, this has caused a delay on updates and overall an impact on the community and as many of you know, I do care about the community.

I will be releasing an update Tuesday and everything will go back to normal. I understand an issue with bugs is priority at the moment, so that update will be focused on bug fixing, however should I get time I will also give some content.



Hey guys,


Super sorry for the delay this month, but i've had some issues with my car involving the gearbox, so big job :/


Top votes in july;

completion - 270
yahoo - 248
sam - 173


Rewards are;

1st - 1B coins + 3 Deathtouch darts

2nd 500M coins + 2 Deathtouch darts

3rd 250M coins + 1 Deathtouch dart

Hey guys,


I've been listening to players on forums and ingame and here is some improvements based on that.


Patch notes;


  • Fixed a bug where Strykewyrms could change into another type.
  • Changed a text when prayer runs out.
  • Added a small fix to Sunfreet (Testing)
  • Fixed donator status upgrader.
  • Replaced Hymn book loot with the correct ID.
  • All npc's with drops will now provide PvM points.
  • All types of Strykewyrms now have kill...

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