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Update:  25/02/2018


Main news:

[+] Staff Tool:

Support & Moderators will now have access to a new tool that will allow them to do events much easier. This tool gives them access to a variety of events.


[+]  No degrade perk:

With the balance of the economy & other methods of gold syncs, we have decided to re-release this perk. You...



  • Fixed a bug allowing fishing to count as any daily task.
  • Top of your bank will not display its value.
  • Also included a few other fixes within the core launcher.

Update:  15/02/2018


Main news:

[+] Kyzaj:

The kyzaj is a very slow weapon which is classed as a level 87 weapon. The purpose of the weapon is to use its special attack and then switch to another weapon, however use it as you will.

Thunderous has returned and will drop this weapon along with the heavy ballista and a bunch of other goodies.

Special attack;

Note: All...

Update:  13/02/2018


Main news:

[+] Freeze potion:

The freeze potion is used to reduce the water attack from aquatic wyrm by 50%. It lasts 5 minutes, 10 minutes if you have the potion perk.

It can be made by using searing ashes on a defence potion (4).

You will need 95 herblore to make the potion.


[+]  10% drop rate boost Trial:

Update:  12/02/2018


Main news:

[+] Bonus week!

Throughout the whole week & weekend, experience will be doubled & weekly override npc is open.


[+]  Insert bank mode:

It's been long due and we have finally added it. You can toggle the switch item & insert item mode in your banks.

Have a good clean up!

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