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Dear players,

This morning around 4-5am UK time Dr Woopy was hacked.

His items were distributed across a few players and we are aware who and who has what, so we're urging you to refund these items back to him.

Failing to do so is breaking the rules, we understand it wasn't your fault, but please be nice and hand them back.

Dear players,


Due to unfortunate events our team has been full at work around the clock and we just don't have the time for an update. Many of you are aware of the events this week and we hope you all understand.


Sunday coming at 7-8Pm UK time this server will have double drops activated as compensation for the loss of this weeks updates. Updates will resume as normal the day after.

If you're getting invalid login server when logging in, please private message me as we will have to roll back your account and manually restore your account as it was. This would only occur to hose online when the crash occured.


Accounts fixed;

  • Deadly
  • Tofi
  • Legendre

We're back online.


im so sorry about that guys.

We're currently down, i'm contacting the host as we speak, please bare with me!


  • 18:05 - All of the host's services just dropped offline due to a bug, we should be back online shortly!

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