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Dear players,


This week we pushed hard to give you guys some much deserved content. We've had this in the working for a while now and have finally finalised it.



  • The newest addition to our skills is divination. All locations are fully working. Grind your way to 99 or even achieve the master cape with Divination. You can created divine locations to collect resources with a respectable daily limit.



  • Full Vorago has returned, but even...

Due to the thunder storm taking out the power causing the server crash, those who were online are suffering from a corrupted account.

Please don't worry, we have back ups where we can restore you and manually restore the lost items in the process. Kryeus and I will first be trying to fix the corrupted accounts to save time and loss.

Feel free to contact me on discord if you are one of those players 

On Monday I will be releasing a batch of new cosmetic overrides outfits. Majority of these will be on the donator store and sometimes used in weekly overrides. 

There will also be 2 in-game overrides.

KBD outfit - this will be given to players who have a killcount of 500+. You can upgrade to the attended version via the donator store once achieved.


Nex outfit - this will be given to players who have a Nex killcount of 100+. You can upgrade to the attended version via the...

Due to a thunder storm the data centre has been cut off. They're attempting to use back up supply, however no phone contact can be made due to the power outage. 


I have no control over how long this could be, it won't be days so don't panic, but it could be hours.

I will be extending double XP for an additional 48 hours as compensation.  

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