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Dear players,

All items, spins & overrides will be receive a 10% discount starting tomorrow until Monday on the donation store.

Donator status, pets & a select few others are not included in this sale.

Here at DrygonScape we appreciate your support and donations towards the cost of upkeep and advertisement, but we will never put any pressure on you in to doing so, so please only donate if you want to and. It because someone has told you to!

Have an epic weekend guys and...

Hi guys,

The donation store is having issues returning the information to allow the automated part of the donation. We're manually doing peoples donations and if you donate, just message either a Skyline or myself your payment email & what it was for.

The site host says it should be fixed very soon.



Dear players,


The follow updates will be live as of 18:30;


  • Zaryte bow has been given a slight hidden buff.
  • Fixed drygore crafting.
  • Fixed a bug in GwD causing minions to load out of sync.
  • Attempt fix at GwD minion speed bug.
  • Zamorak no longer instantly removes your prayer.
  • Fixed a load of GwD npc animations.
  • Reduced Armadyl's ranged defence & ranged attack.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to crash at Nex.
  • Bandos & Armadyl...

Dear players,

The following updates are now live;


  • Zamorak boss now drops the subjugation armour.
  • Fixed a text bug on the task tab.
  • Fixed topvoters scoreboard.
  • Moderators now have more tools to help identify bots.
  • Player profile has been moved to the notes tab.
  • The command npclookup has returned.
  • Anivia's bleed attack has been nerfed by 20% damage.
  • Slayer task skip tickets are now on sof.
  • All hunter traps offer 100% catch...

Hi guys,

Highscores now has the xp mode dividers you all wanted. Simply click the mode you wish to see.


Also congratulations to Aiko for being promoted to support.