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Update:  24/04/2018



Main news:

[+] Prestige boss:


Introducing Beastmaster Durzag.

Beastmaster is the newest edition to our bosses & he can only be challenged by players who have prestiged. You can teleport to him in the teleports interface.


T92 melee armour
T92 magic armour
T92 range

Once again, we had dropped offline. I will be getting us back up shortly.


I already have our new host set up and ready to go at somepoint this week so we don't have to use this awful service anymore.


I'm very sorry for the downtime, ill keep you all updated in discord.

Double Drops:

  • Double drops will randomly activate over the weekend, so make sure you're active to get the most out of it!



  • Super saradomin brew models have been updated.
  • Lucky dragon claw stats have been fixed.
  • Prayer draining has been fixed.


Although there isn't much today this is because we're in the process of moving the server to a much more powerful host to support the amount of data we're using.

Update:  18/04/2018



Main news:

[+] Jewellery smithing:


You can now use a gold bar on a furnace to make jewellery. 

This includes:




[+] Jewellery smithing:



Death touch darts (10) & Death touch darts (30) are now on sale for 24 hours only!

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