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Hard mode wildy wyrm no longer drops the bows. They must be obtained by getting ascension coins from the Trial of Gods minigame.

Dear players,

You're all in for a fantastic week with all the content this week!

Main Updates:

  • Dwarven Discovery. A new quest in which the Head Dwarf needs your assistance with a new ore he has found. Start this quest at the Dwarven mine.
  • Wild armour set. Wildy Wyrm now drops a Level 85 armour set & a Level 85 warhammer.
  • Hard mode Wildy Wyrm has returned.
  • Sliske has returned.

Other News:

  • Noxious bow's attack speed has been decreased.
  • Ascension...

All drops at nex are doubled for 48 hours!




Dear players,


From Saturday morning to Sunday night all drops at Nex will be doubled!


Jakob will be hosting Lootshare sessions so the less equip players can participate.