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Update:  14/12/2017


Main news:

[+] Crystal Triskelion

Crystal Triskelion keys!

Find Crystal Triskelion key parts whilst participating in medium to high level pvm.

Combine all 3 parts to create a full key and head over to the rock face past Relleka for a gaurenteed clue scroll & extra loot including the Dragon stone outfit.





Update:  13/12/2017


Main news:

[+] Rainbow Box


Rainbow partyhat
Upside-down rainbow partyhat
Rainbow cape
Rainbow halo
Rainbow bow
Rainbow wand
Rainbow kite
Rainbow parasol
Rainbow amulet

The first time you open a box you will obtain a limited edition title. This title is name: "the Colourful" & will have a fancy rainbow colour scheme.

All items gave an equal...

Update:  12/12/2017


Main news:

[+] Boss Collection Log

Visit the Boss collection npc at home to view loads of bosses unique drops. Starting now all of these drops will collect data so you can build up your total drops over time.

Some bosses already collected some data such as GWD so you may find some bosses have some drop counts already.


[+] Demi gods weapons

Update:  8/12/2017


Main news:

[+] Camel Warriors

When Camel Warriors were released they became a mountain of problems and we constantly had to fix these issues, so we've reworked the whole system and tested it fully.


[+] Donator Zone

Added a master farmer to donator zone. This master farmer can yield high level seeds aswell as low level.


Update:  5/12/2017


Main news:

[+] The Heart (God Wars Dungeon 2)

The heart has been released!

Inside you will find 4 factions. Seren, Sliske, Zaros & Zamorak. Each has a different boss that drops different weapons and armour.

Each boss requires 40 killcount to enter and this will reset when you leave the area.

You can access the area via the boss teleports. Once...

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